Help Your Dog Lose Weight


Want your dog to take part in dog shows? Go ahead! Why bother? Oho! Is it his weight that is standing as a hindrance? Well then, it is time for your dog to shed some weight and then get back to the competition. If you have to make your dog live long, active and jolly, you must help him lose weight. Groom your dogs in the best way by following these two processes as has been mentioned below:

  • Controlling calories and fat

From a dietary standpoint, it is important that you feed quality dog food. The regular nutrients of your dog’s diet should be met. This can only be supplied by good quality readymade dog foods. At the same time, there should be an increase in the proportion of canned and raw foods. The meals should be fed frequently instead of feeding too much at one time. The foods that are to be fed to the dogs should have the following characteristics:

  1. High amount of digestible protein
  2. Addition of L-carnitine into the diet
  3. Addition of glucosamine and chondroitin
  4. More than average fiber contained in the daily diet
  5. More fat but low calories

Remember, the food for other animals should not be tasted by your dog. If this happens, the total dietary cycle of your dog gets changed. He or she may fall ill and get lean sooner than you can expect. So, beware!

  • Playing more and treating less

This is another formula that can be followed to help your dog lose weight. Just like for humans, the daily activities of your dog should be increased. Catch hold of their play choices. The more is the activity of the dog, the more will he or she develop muscles, gain bone strength and above all, shed fat.

Know that dogs are the best suited for your workouts. If you too want to join the slimming venture along with your dog, take him out and engage in gaming activities with him. Several experiments have proved that dogs like working out with their masters. They consider it a fun activity. Have a positive vibe with your dog so that he engages in the work out as well.


Therefore, only relying on dog supplements are not enough. Your dog has to go through some activities as well. Start your morning with a good run along with your pet. Both your fitness goals are sure to strike the right chord!