Reasons Why Vaccinating Your Dog Is A Must


Vaccination is not something that only our pets require, and just like you would take your kids to get vaccinated, you have to consider your furry friends as well. Vaccines are here to protect your pets from a variety of illnesses that could actually be fatal, go get an effective puppy vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital for assurance that your pet will be healthy enough.

Should I vaccinate my dog?

This is one of the most common questions asked by dog owners who do not know that much about animal care or they got their furry friend on an impulse. You should consider the answer to this the same as if you were to ask, ‘Do I need to vaccinate my kids?’

Rescue group called Old Dog Haven.

A dog’s whole life revolves around its owner, so give him the life he deserves

However, instead of thinking whether you should vaccinate your dog, you should consider how your dog will be vaccinated since skipping any necessary vaccines is not a smart choice. You should know that vaccines do really protect your dog from many different illnesses that can kill them.

So, the question should be, are you willing to risk the health and the life of your dog, and simply hope that they do not catch a deadly disease? Do not forget, that some of the illnesses that dogs can have can be transmitted to humans, usually through a bite, so why not stay on the safe side instead of asking yourself such foolish questions?

Proper vaccination

As it was mentioned, vaccines are here to prevent any illnesses that can be prevented, as they enable the immune system of our dogs and create a good defensive system. The vaccines do have a disease antigen that will mildly stimulate the dog’s immune system, but they will not infect them. If your dog is ever exposed to a real disease, the antibodies that vaccines create will fight them.

Keep in mind that puppy vaccines should be performed about every 3 weeks, and that counts for all the dogs between 6-16 weeks old. After that, you can expect to vaccinate your adult dog once a year, until a new system is created. So, make sure to visit expert North Turramurra vet like Gordon Vet Hospital for your puppy’s next vaccinations.


Ask your veterinarian about dog vaccinations

Core vaccines for your dog:

  1. Canine Distemper – which is a very bad, often fatal, virus that will affect the dog’s repertory system at first, and it is very contagious if other dogs are not vaccinated.
  2. Canine Parvovirus – another highly contagious virus that can also be fatal, and it can cause severe gastrointestinal effects.
  3. Rabies – this is something everyone has already heard about, and it is also very fatal for dogs.
  4. Canine Type 2 Adenovirus – is a virus that is related to hepatitis, but while it is not contagious to us, it can cause a kennel cough.

Vaccines have their own risk

Just like every other treatment, even vaccines carry their own risks, and you should know about them before you vaccinate your dog. However, usually all the dog vaccines that are given are quite safe for dogs, and there is a small percentage of dogs that will show any side effects. But the thing is that those side effects are a small price to pay, for the benefits your dog will be getting.

Final word

Many people tend to get a pet, thinking that it is all fun and games, while actually, it is a responsibility that you need to be able to take. You have to provide for your pet and give them affection just like you would to a child, and you will, undeniably, get unconditional love back.